Health Education Programs

Digital Health Education Program:

Al Rahmah Medical runs numerous health education programmes and seeks to make use of the unlimited accessibility of social media through the production and publication of digital health education content. This includes health education posts on the society’s social media pages, as well as a series of audio and video programs, e.g., Compass Podcast which aims to correct health misconceptions and fight health rumors, and Teryaq program in which medical consultants present short video messages about seasonal or common health issues.

Mobile Clinics Program:

The Mobile Clinics program is one of our prominent health education programmes. It provides health awareness services to the community in all parts of the Eastern Province of the Kingdom, including remote districts and villages. It also aims to conduct health screening campaigns for the early detection of the most common chronic diseases.

The following services are provided in this program:

  • Screening Clinics for early detection of common chronic diseases.
  • Specialized consultation clinics.
  • Oral and dental hygiene clinics.
  • A mobile health exhibition.

During mobile clinic campaigns, data are collected from screening test results of the visitors and studied against information about their nutritional and behavioral habits, in order to determine how different prevailing habits affect the health status of the community.

Interactive Clinics Program:

The Interactive Clinics program offers platforms for health awareness and early detection of chronic diseases that are launched through health campaigns held in public and private facilities.

These clinics offer:

  • A platform for early detection of modern diseases and risk factors.
  • A mini clinic for oral and dental hygiene.
  • A health awareness exhibition.

Health Education Lectures:

In these health education programmes, lectures are presented on health topics that are of most interest to individuals the society, including all age groups and both genders.

Target groups include:

  • Male and female students and employees of institutes and colleges.
  • Visitors of local community centers.
  • Employees of companies, private and governmental institutions.

During the COVID-19 period, the program was presented remotely via video calling applications

Scientific & Training Courses:

This is one of our health education programmes that offer health educational and training courses for the public to give them the right knowledge and practice about common health problems.

Some of the courses offered are:

  • CPR course.
  • First Aid course.
  • Dealing with Psychological Stress.
  • Basics of Infection Prevention course.

Currently, these courses are offered remotely in compliance with the preventive measures against COVID-19.

Future Doctors Forum:

This forum presents workshops on the basics of choosing medical specialties for a career.

Target beneficiaries include:

  • Final year medical students.
  • Intern Doctors.
  • General practitioners.
  • Health Education Publications:

The Society has issued more than 40 health education publications, with a total of 240,000 copies having been distributed.

These publications cover several health topics, including:

  • Common lifestyle diseases: diabetes, hypertension and obesity.
  • Dental & oral hygiene.
  • Respiratory health.
  • Sports health.
  • Psychological health.
  • Health in special seasons, e.g., summer, travel, Ramadan, Hajj, etc.
  • Sexual health.
  • First aid.

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