Medical Care Programs

Treatment for the Needy Program:

This is the largest of our medicare programmes. In this program, the Society covers the cost of medical treatment and health care services for the needy patients. It aims to meet the need of poor patients to receive appropriate treatment for their diseases, ultimately contributing to the improvement of health status of the community.

This medicare program is implemented through a charity project in partnership with medical service providers and with the support and contribution of donor institutions as well as individual donations through electronic donation platforms, such as the Shifa platform of the Health Endowment Fund.

The medical conditions treatments and health care services under this program range from eye surgeries, general surgeries, obstetrics, cardiology, orthopedics & trauma, and other specialized surgeries. Our medicare programmes also cover the costs of clinical examination and diagnostic tests.

Medicine for the Needy Program:

The Medicine for the Needy program is one of our medicare programmes to provide medicines free of charge as an essential part of health care services provided to needy patients, aiming to reduce chances of disease complications among patients whose treatment is delayed or discontinued due to their financial inability to provide medicines.

The medicare program is implemented in cooperation with Al-Dawaa Pharmacies, one of the widespread pharmacy chains in the Eastern Province.

Medical Devices Program:

This medicare program provides medical devices and supplies, both new and 2nd hand, free of charge to needy patients who cannot afford their prices.

Several volunteer technicians participate in the program by checking the validity of used medical devices and performing any required maintenance, ensuring safety of the beneficiaries.

Rise of Hope Program:

As a medical society, Al Rahmah Medical seeks to help all groups of needy people with health problems, including those with disabilities. This program offers several health care services and medical activities to support disabled children and their mothers:

  1. Support group for mothers of disabled children: where mothers of disabled children meet regularly to share their experiences in dealing with children’s disabilities.
  2. Consultation clinics for disabled children: offering assessment, rehabilitation, and behavior modification.
  3. Training of female volunteer trainers: to work in the Portage program, including counseling mothers on dealing with their disabled children.

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