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Qetan Center for Embroidery & Tailoring:

Qetan Center for Embroidery & Tailoring is a project that was launched as one of the social responsibility projects in partnership with Saudi Aramco and Nesma Holding Company.

This charity project represents a model for social entrepreneurship in the region, as it aims to train and employ Saudi women with hearing disabilities in the field of sewing and embroidery to enable them to integrate into society as productive individuals, within a sustainable project that offers them a safe and appropriate working environment.

This social responsibility project is also planned to form a self-resource for Al Rahmah Medical Society to help it carry out its charitable role in the community. Al Rahmah Medical’s role in the charity project is to nominate the beneficiaries based on the nature and degree of their disabilities.

The project, located in Dammam, includes a plant that produces different types of uniforms and textile products to meet the demand of the health sector and other business sectors, e.g., security, industrial, hotel and hospitality sectors.

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